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The Caspian Kian Paad Company, was established in 2011 (in continuation of the aquaculture activities that began in 2008) and started sturgeon, shrimp and fish cage farming.
The company is engaged in highest-quality commercial aquaculture focusing on export-oriented aquaculture products, creation of aquaculture production chain with an emphasis on completing the links in the production chain, utilization of the latest aquaculture achievements in the world, prioritization of research and development, and close contact with scientific centers in its main plans.
The company is recognized as one of the prominent breeders of shrimp in Golestan Province and of sturgeon and caviar in Gilan Province. It has construction of a sturgeon farming complex in Mazandaran Province, a shrimp-breeding center in Hormozgan Province, and a processing center for aquaculture products in Golestan Province on its agenda.