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Breeding and rearing Sturgeon


The Caspian Kian Paad Company started sturgeon rearing in 2008 by buying 5000 one-year old sturgeons (mostly Beluga sturgeons) and kept them at coastal and non-coastal sites (these activities took place at the Jahad Nasr Hamzeh Company until 2011).
After identifying the Beluga sturgeon sex and removing the male herds, the tagging operation was carried out.
The company established a sturgeon farming complex in Rahimabad rural district in Rudsar county, located in Gilan Province in 2016 and transferred these Beluga sturgeons there.  
In addition, the company began to establish a sturgeon farming complex along the Caspian Sea coast in Mazandaran Province to produce 1,600 tons of sturgeon meat and 30 tons of caviar.
In recent years, this company started to farm other surgeon species such the Siberian, Persian, and Sterlet sturgeons, to complete the production layers and introduce fish of different ages into the sturgeon production cycle.
1. Harvesting more than 1,300 kg of Beluga caviar in 2018 and the first half of 2019.
2. Installing and operating new cooling systems to improve the quality of the harvested caviar.
3. Developing the proper diet to support good growth of sturgeon.
4. Utilizing the latest global advances in rearing sturgeon.
5. Using the newest methods of evaluation and assessment of caviar.
6. Developing a breeding plan for breeding sturgeon (spring and fall spawning).