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Shrimp breeding and farming


Shrimp breeding
The Caspian Kian Paad Company has established a breeding center in Hormozgan Province with the capacity of 100 million juvenile shrimps in order to complete the links in the shrimp production chain and to produce juvenile shrimps with suitable quality utilizing the latest achievements in shrimp breeding in Iran and other countries.
Study on using SPF and SPR stocks is one of the most important research and development programs of the company in this sector.

Shrimp farming
The Caspian Kian Paad Company started shrimp farming in 2011 at the Gomishan site in Golestan Province in 2011. It was able to achieve the desired production level of 810 tons of cultured L. vannamei shrimp in 2018 through emphasizing localization of shrimp farming knowledge, training native experts in this province, modeling the latest shrimp farming achievements in the world, utilizing the expertise of the top consultants in Iran, and documenting all processes and results.
Constructing and operating 10 shrimp farms in the total area of 200 hectares, training of shrimp experts, achieving desirable results in shrimp farming indices, documenting and analyzing data in production planning are among the most significant achievements of the company in this sector.

1. The superior shrimp breeder in Golestan Province.

2. Implementation of the monitoring system, and documentation and analysis of technical, production, and climate data.

3. Achievement of superior technical and economic indices in shrimp rearing.

4. Education and training of shrimp rearing experts.